Succession Planning

MAF Companies has partnered withCCG Advisors, an Atlanta-based merger and acquisition firm, specializing in advising owners of privately held companies on growth capital, shareholder liquidity and exit strategies. CCG represents business owners nationally and across all lines of industry in the sale, recapitalization or ESOP of their companies. The referrals and goodwill of our clients are a testament to CCG’s record of building real and lasting client relationships. CCG is committed to enabling clients to achieve their personal, financial and business goals at the right time for maximum value.

CCG Advisors is dedicated to helping clients to understand all their options for exit and liquidity and to that end, we specialize in three primary succession planning strategies: Third Party Sale, Private Equity Recapitalizations and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

Strategic Third Party Sale:

We work with and for your clients, not the buyers. Our goal is to help your clients sell at the right time for the most money. We know what buyers are looking for, how they value companies like your clients’ and how to create a process that will extract maximum value for your client’s business. We run a professional and confidential process, affording your clients a full look at the marketplace while protecting the identity of your client’s business.

A strategic third party sale typically requires that:

  • Owner sells 100% of interests
  • Buyer is likely industry player
  • Company will be integrated into larger entity

Private Equity Recapitalization:

Private equity groups (PEGs), are looking to contribute capital and other resources to great companies to help leverage the talents of the existing management team. Through a private equity recapitalization, shareholders can receive substantial liquidity and diversification but remain on in operational control. Recapitalization allows owners to retain both a vested ownership stake for them and key members of their team as well as adding the financial backing necessary to fund both organic and acquisition growth.

Characteristics of private equity recapitalizations include:

  • Institutional investor- Private Equity Group (PEG) acquires an interest- majority likely
  • Rollover equity and brand retention
  • Chips off table, run and grow business more aggressively with capital partner

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP):

An ESOP allows the selling shareholder to get full, fair market value for any interest in the business that is sold, yet maintain control and reward their employees with real ownership in the company. An ESOP can create a tax-free sale for the selling shareholders and a tax-deductible repayment by the company. We manage this entire process to ensure that the seller gets the highest possible price, the most competitive financing and the most flexible structure available in the marketplace.

ESOPs are unique due to the fact that:

  • Owner sells interest to ESOP for cash
  • Real ownership to employees via trust
  • Control, successor management and leverage are the keys

At CCG Advisors, we can also help your client secure the capital needed to grow or to find and acquire new companies.

Growth Capital

For many of our clients, the best strategy is to grow the company so that a future liquidity event will be more certain and meaningful. We can help businesses access many sources of capital, including senior lenders, mezzanine capital providers and private equity.

Buy Side Representation

We can help your clients buy other companies. We begin by formulating a well-conceived acquisition strategy, identifying both target markets and companies for acquisition. We will handle the initial contact and conversations, perform the valuation analysis of viable prospects, recommend pricing, structuring and financing alternatives and complete due diligence to ensure all the necessary ingredients for a successful deal are present.

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For more information on succession planning or our partnership with CCG Advisors, please call us at (800) 979-9393.